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Dressing Up With Ladies Office Formal Dresses For Your Zoom Meeting: What Not To Do?

July 05, 2021

Dressing Up With Ladies Office Formal Dresses For Your Zoom Meeting: What Not To Do?

Work-from-home has been great, more or less. It redefined work by empowering employees with a new sense of freedom, convenience, and comfort. The days became a lot more relaxed thanks to zero commutation and going through the drama of getting ready for work every morning. However, our work-life incorporated many new things as well. One of the important things that became synonymous with remote work culture is zoom meetings. You might not feel that clothes matter much since only a portion of your body is visible. However, it’s not true. This blog is for working women. Ladies! Your office formal dresses can set the tone for your Ontario-based office meeting. If you have an important presentation coming up or a critical face-to-face client meeting, here are a few things that you must prevent doing at every cost:


    The zoom video can make you look dull and unkempt. Apart from a bad network, many other technical factors contribute to the pixelated look of zoom videos. A little bit of tinted gloss, face powder, and a red lip can make your face look fresher and glowy. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to wear a full face of makeup. Rather than making you look fresh and dewy, it can make you look cakey and too loud. Use some mascara to open up those eyes and wear a bright lip, and you are done.


    Although clothes don’t matter, they certainly set the appeal, tone, and image for the entire meeting. Besides, it’s quite easy to make out if one is wearing a plain t-shirt. It just doesn’t give any professional appeal at all. Go for shirts, blazers, or dresses from your ladies office formal collection for your Ontario-based business meeting. Your body language changes, and you start looking a lot more confident.


    Well, this one is a big no-no. There’s a reason why offices have meeting rooms and spaces. You must make sure that the area where you take your meeting is away from the household chores or doesn’t have any background noise. Ask your family members and kids not to disturb you or walk in while you are in your meeting. A plain wall in the background is an ideal setting as it brings the entire focus to you.


    Keep it neat and straightforward. Make sure your face is visible and your hair isn’t covering/ hiding any part of your face. Make sure there aren’t any flyaways or floppy strands lying here and there at the back of your head.

Plus, it’s fun to dress up in formals now and then. It definitely feels great to break the rhythm of wearing casual clothes and pajamas all day. Looking for some cool, stylish yet edgy office wear for your closet? Our ongoing sale can make your choices easy while keeping it classy! Browse our online collection now.

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How To Measure Your Size For A Dress?

We strongly recommend that you have your measurements taken by a professional with your under wear on before you choose a size and place an order of a dress.
If you cannot find a size that fits your measurements, please place order with custom size chosen and email info@HerShop.com.

Please follow the following steps to for measuring: 

  1. Full Bust
  2. Waist
  3. Hips
  4. Shoulder to waist
  5. Shoulder to floor with shoes on
You may need take additional measurements to the ones above if your dress has straps or sleeves, or if you need a jacket to match for your dress:
  1. Sleeve Length
  2. Armscye
  3. Arm Circumference
  4. Wrist Circumference
  5. Shoulder to Shoulder


Please download the "How to Measure Your Size For A Dress" chart in PDF format and print it out, measure your size and keep it as a record for future reference.

 Please send us an email with your order number after you submit your order. 


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