Prom night is among the most awaited events in the life of an adolescent. While most of us eagerly wait for the night, many also start looking for the perfect dress weeks before! Some prefer going with knee-length dresses but you also have the option to choose from perfect long prom evening dresses! To make sure you look your best on the big day, you even follow the required skincare regime and try to not miss out on your beauty sleep. So, it is safe to say that a lot goes into acing the prom night look! If we are being totally honest, irrespective of how much you prepare, last-minute fret is difficult to escape! No need to worry though because we have got you covered.

Here are some tips to keep calm and have an enthralling night:

  • Ensuring your make-up is prim and proper is a must, ladies! Do not put anything on your face that you haven’t tried before, especially if you have sensitive skin. Being comfortable in your make-up is crucial to look effortlessly gorgeous.
  • Wearing waterproof make-up is highly advisable as your friends are definitely going to pull you to the dance floor and you are going to sweat with all that dancing. A waterproof liner and foundation will stay put! Pay heed to these girls as you don’t want to be out there with messed up makeup on your face.
  • Those of you who experience chub rub should carry a baby powder to the prom. Chub rub is a rather painful rash that occurs because of the constant rubbing of the thighs and you can’t really do anything about that as the dance floor will be calling out to you.
  • If you want your prom look to be different yet classy, choose a matte lipstick. The shimmer that a matte lip gloss comes with reflects perfectly off the photographer’s camera flash and you will look beautiful in your prom pictures. Matte lipsticks have a longer stay which is a win-win!  
  • While getting your hands on the perfect long prom evening dress may not take you that much time, make it a point that you also choose perfect accessories to finish up the look. Look for jewelry pieces that are unique as that will surely accentuate your dress and make-up.
  • Do not shy away from getting clicked. Take lots and lots of pictures with your date and friends, not just during prom but before and after it as well. Prom selfies are a must too! Photographs are a great way to reminisce this special day.

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