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Fox Fur Slipper Size Guide

Choose the right shoe size

Because the size standard is different from country to country, please choose the right shoe size according to your foot length.

How to measure foot length

The top of the pair of shoes is marked with a European size. You can choose the size according to your foot length.

Foot length 23(cm) = Euro 36 = You should choose USA 5

Foot length 23.5(cm) = Euro 37= You should choose USA 6

Foot length 24(cm) = Euro 38 = You should choose USA 7

Foot length 24.5(cm) = Euro 39 = You should choose USA 8

Foot length 25(cm) = Euro 40 = You should choose USA 9

Foot length 25.5(cm) = Euro 41 = You should choose USA 10

Foot length 26(cm) = Euro 42 = You should choose USA 11

Foot length 26.5(cm) = Euro 43 = You should choose USA 12

Foot length 27(cm) = Euro 44 = You should choose USA 13

Foot length 27.5(cm) = Euro 45 = You should choose USA 14

How To Measure Your Size For A Dress?

We strongly recommend that you have your measurements taken by a professional with your under wear on before you choose a size and place an order of a dress.
If you cannot find a size that fits your measurements, please place order with custom size chosen and email

Please follow the following steps to for measuring: 

  1. Full Bust
  2. Waist
  3. Hips
  4. Shoulder to waist
  5. Shoulder to floor with shoes on
You may need take additional measurements to the ones above if your dress has straps or sleeves, or if you need a jacket to match for your dress:
  1. Sleeve Length
  2. Armscye
  3. Arm Circumference
  4. Wrist Circumference
  5. Shoulder to Shoulder


Please download the "How to Measure Your Size For A Dress" chart in PDF format and print it out, measure your size and keep it as a record for future reference.

 Please send us an email with your order number after you submit your order. 


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