In these incredibly unusual times, a lot of us are practicing social distancing and working from home. For some of us, this is great! We can lounge in the comfort of our own homes in pajamas. However, pajamas aren’t exactly effective in making you feel energized and ready to start a day of work. Does this mean you have to get dressed up in your stiff office clothes? No. It’s all about finding the balance, and comfort is still essential. Keep reading for all the outfit inspiration you’ll need to optimize your productivity while working from home. 

The first outfit is casual and this is something for days where you really feel motivated and want to get things done. You can adapt it to suit the season, and then you can customize different outerwear. This consists of the simple base of either a T-shirt or a simple and pretty blouse, and then regular jeans. Then, of course, you can add jewelry. 

With summer approaching, we have nice beautiful weather to look forward to. Even if we're going to be staying inside a lot, why not wear something to reflect the season? A comfortable black dress provides room for flexibility, and you can change it up to suit whatever you're going to be doing.

It can also be really comfortable because it's breathable and it's effortless. Even though it’s so easy, it’s still better than just sticking to pajamas.

Comfortable Shirt to wear when work from home What to wear when work from home


There will still be those days when it’s chillier or rainy outside. For a day like that, choose one of your favorite sweaters, and then either jeans or your elastic waist black pants. Jeans help prevent you from lounging on the couch or bed if you have a lot of stuff to do. So put on a pair of jeans, and then comfy cozy socks or bare feet depending on how chilly it is. And then whatever accessories you like.

Finally, the last outfit is for one of those days when you don't have much on your to-do list, and you just want to be casual and comfortable. It's a step up from pajamas so you're still putting forth the effort to get into working gear. It consists of a pair of leggings or joggers, and then either a t-shirt or a great sweater. Unlike the other outfits, this one makes it easy to transition to the couch or even spend the whole day around the couch.  

There you have it! Those are some work from home outfits. Even if you’re not going anywhere and you’re not going to see anyone, it can still be helpful to prepare for your day by picking out some clothes. Use this as a tool to beat the monotony of social distancing and working from home. 

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