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Tips To Take Your Bedroom Aesthetic To The Next Level

June 15, 2021

Tips To Take Your Bedroom Aesthetic To The Next Level

You enter your bedroom after a long day of work and instantly feel relaxed. What goes into making your bedroom the cozy retreat that it is? Soothing color schemes and playful textures, luxurious and comfortable bedding and unique accent pieces are a few things that come to mind.

As summer closes in, it is time for a bedroom upgrade. You may already be browsing through the selection of premium bedding sets online and figuring out the colors that will reflect your personality and bring summer freshness to the room. To help you take your bedroom décor to the next level while making the task fun and easy, we have listed below a few tips:

Play with Textures

The monochromatic look is always chic. You can add more character to the look by adding different textures. Get luxurious, high-quality textiles for the bed and a plush rug. High-contrast neutrals, such as browns with blues, black with ecru, give your bedroom right out of a lifestyle magazine feel.  

So, play with textures and colors to create a rich, serene aesthetic for your bedroom.

Choose a Statement Wallpaper

Wallpapers have a transformative effect in a bedroom. Pick something with neutral colors like aluminum and white gold accents that are soothing to look at and give you the freedom to incorporate more colors into your space.

Accentuate the Décor with Bedding

When it comes to updating your bedroom aesthetics, you cannot forget the bedding. It is that one item that can make a ton of difference. Ensure the bedding and duvet cover are the right fit for your bed. Opt for colors and patterns that are relaxation conducive for a good night’s sleep.

Floral patterns are a summer favorite! Buy bedding sets online from our selection of quality beddings in a variety of soothing colors and elegant patterns.

Have an Eye for the Details

Rugs add a soft texture to the space, and drapes make it cozier. Convert a corner into a relaxing and inviting reading nook- think accent pillows and throw blankets on the sofa.  Lighting in the bedroom should be warm and dimmable. Few scented candles on your nightstand are functional décor- they look great and smell amazing!

Incorporate a Desk

If space allows, add a desk next to your bed. You will have an additional surface for those occasional late-night work assignments. On days when you are too lazy to sit at the dining table for breakfast, you can enjoy it in the bedroom and slip back into bed!

Be Patient

Creating atop-notch décor for your bedroom will take some planning and execution. You may want customized nightstands, bed frames, and furniture or handmade wallpaper. So, give it a few months. A well-done room needs that time.

If you are looking for quality bedding sets online to match the décor of your updated bedroom, shop from our extensive collection. We have premium Egyptian cotton beddings and luxurious silk beddings in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Our sets blend style, comfort, and functionality, offering the perfect finishing touch to your dream bedroom.

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