It’s finally your prom night. Your date is at the door, with a corsage in hand. You gracefully glide down the stairs, all ready to have a blast. But wait! What is this? His tux totally clashes with your beautiful dress! *screams in horror*

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

Well, there is quite an easy way to avoid this prom nightmare. All you need to do is plan and match your dress and your date’s outfit. You will anyway put in a lot of time to pick out the perfect dress and accessories. So, you might as well go the extra mile to coordinate with your date so that both of you look stunning together.

Here are a few tips to match your prom dress to your date’s tux or suit and make sure that all your photos are absolutely picture-perfect:

  • Shop for the dress first

    It is no secret that shopping for a prom dress can be challenging, no matter how exciting it is. And that is why you should shop ahead. You have such a wealth of options when it comes to styles, lengths, colors, silhouettes, necklines, and so on, that it will surely take time to find your dream dress. Moreover, it is much easier to find a tux that matches the dress than the other way around. You can filter your choices by color or fabric to make the process less stressful.

  • Matching the tie to the dress

    Is it necessary to match the tie to the dress? Well, not really. But if it does match, it can look great. A lot of prom couples, instead of going through the hassle of finding the perfectly matching tux and dress, choose to match the tie to the dress to pull both the outfits together. You can either pick a tie in the same color as your dress or opt for a different shade of the same color.  

  • Picking your corsage

    The corsage and boutonnière are two of the most traditional prom essentials that are still popular. And the good thing is that they are great for creating a cohesive look as a couple. While they should be chosen to match the dress and tux, you can also sneak in little details that will give them a more personal twist. For instance, if your date is wearing a white boutonnière to match his blue suit, you can ask the florist to add a flower in a similar shade to your dress.

  • Wear complementary accessories

    In addition to your dress and tux or suit, you can also match your accessories. For instance, you can match the color of your shoes. Or if he has a silver watch, you can wear crystal jewelry to complement the silver. Other accessories like scarves, bowties, and headbands, or tiaras can also be worked into the outfits for a harmonizing effect.

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