Home decor involves a lot of different things. It involves the colors of your walls, the furniture you pick and even the little accents that you use to lend those perfect finishing touches to space. To be a pro at interior decor, you need to have an editorial eye, that is an eye for things that need to go because they either don’t fit in or are just a bit much. But if you don’t have an experienced editorial eye just yet, avoiding some common mistakes can do the trick. Here are some of them:

1. Hanging artwork too high
Art should always be at eye-level, where it can be seen and admired properly. Some people tend to hang their wall art and posters too close to the ceiling, which doesn’t just create an awkward effect but also takes away from the beauty of the room.

2. Using short curtains
Short curtains are not pleasing to the eye. Plus, they make your walls look shorter. It does not matter if you have big windows or small, your curtains must always graze the floor. That will give the room a more elegant appeal.

3. Choosing style over comfort
Sure, that chair in the shape of a hand might look quite stylish and would be a great fit for your post-modern home, but will it be comfortable to sit on? When it comes to furniture, you should buy something only after you carefully consider its use and functionality.

4. Not testing your wall paints
Painting a large space without testing the paint first is a big and common home decor mistake. Make sure you always test out different colors in a small space before you settle down on a specific option so that you get exactly what you want.

5. Going overboard with a theme
Short Having a decor theme is great, but overdoing is not. While you can surely add a few small thematic elements here and there, a themed room can start to feel boring and dated every quickly.

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